39 Years Without Jimi Hendrix

Moterey 1969 (E. Mayes)

Monterey 1969 (E. Mayes)

At 12:45pm on Friday, September 18, 1970 Jimi Hendrix was pronounced dead. Since that day, his music has lived on, altering the sound of rock guitar forever. Nothing needs to be said to further solidify Jimi Hendrix’s position in music history. He was, is, and always will be the most naturally talented guitarist who has ever graced the planet. Few will disagree with that statement. Eric Clapton said the following about Jimi in his recent autobiography:

“What i found refreshing about him was his intensely self-critical attitude toward his music. He had this enormous gift and a fantastic technique, like that of someone who spent all day playing and practicing, yet he didn’t seem that aware of it.”

Few words can express Jimi’s greatness. Instead, we will share some of his music, to celebrate the life that gave us so much in such a short period.

Listen to “Freedom” from 1970.9.2 in Arhus.

“Hear My Train a Comin'” from Royal Albert Hall 2.24.69.

Jimi performing “Machine Gun” on the Dick Cavett Show 1969.

Jimi with the Rolling Stones on his last birthday to the music of “My Little One” (a song by Jimi and Brian Jones).


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