The Listening Station: Minerva Lions

In this week’s edition of The Listening Station, we head back to Brooklyn to check out another superbly talented up and coming band. Chances are, you probably haven’t heard the name Minerva Lions. Well, that is about to change. Having been recently written up in Paste, L Magazine and the LA Examiner, it seems the band is poised to take the next step. And with Wilco’s Michael Jorgensen remixing one of their songs, along with psych-darling Nicole Atkins championing them as her “favorite band right now,” it’s only a matter of time.

Minverva Lions (Photo by Nathan West)

Formed in the summer of 2010, Minerva Lions is filled out by Jared Samuel (keys, acoustic guitar, lead vocals), Grey McMurray (electric guitar, backing vocals), Joseph McCaffrey (bass, backing vocals) and Tim Kuhl (drums). Jared also moonlights in another DGB favorite, Superhuman Happiness, as well as playing with Nicole Atkins’ band and others.

Minerva’s sound is difficult to label—and its been called every name under the moon already—but melodious psych-folk of the third kind would do it justice in my mind. In short, it’s tough music to label because, like the best bands, they don’t sound like anyone else. They sound like Minerva Lions. As Mr. Samuel told me recently:

“Our band is named after a letterman jacket. Our EP is titled for an approximate English translation of an Italian description of a beautiful tango dancer/fine-art model. If none of that makes any sense to people it’s okay; we’d like to think that the music will.”

Since its inception, the band has been making waves on the Brooklyn music scene. The quartet are set to release their debut EP, Great Strides, Priestess & Queen, on June 21 with Dubshot Records and will also perform a recorded in office performance at Relix Magazine. Stream or download the psych-rock gem “Megrims” below, along with the group’s original take on Talk, Talk’s “Ascension Day.”


Download Link

Ascension Day

Links: Band website, Bandcamp

Spread the word about this great band and please let people know you read about them on DGB.


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