New Music: Spectre Folk – “The Blackest Medicine”

For the better part of 15 years, Pete Nolan has been creating home-fi psych music under his Spectre Folk alias. After spending time in  noise-rock outfit Magik Markers and then later as a member of GHQ, Nolan made his name a fixture on the Brooklyn DIY music scene. He’s appeared on the last two Woods records—2009’s Songs of Shame features the epic 9min kraut-jam entitled “September with Pete“—and was later picked up by Woodsist to release his first Blackest Medicine EP.

In March, Nolan put out his second EP, The Blackest Medicine II, on Woodsist where he expands the group to include Sonic Youth drummer Steve Shelley, Tall Firs guitarist/vocalist and Sonic Youth sound engineer Aaron Mullan on bass and NY Times cookbook author Peter Meehan on guitar. The group churns out warm, feel-good psych pop with hazy vocal lines and ghostly folk melodies, making them a perfect fit alongside their label mates. Jams often slip into fuzzed out Krautrock territory, revealing Shelleys and Mullans recent stint as the rhythm section for the revived Neu!. You can stream or download the EP’s lead track, “The Blackest Medicine” below (a sped up version from the first EP), or order yourself some wax over at Woodsist records. Turntableless entities can purchase the album via iTunes.

MP3: “The Blackest Medicine” 


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