All Together Now: A Musical Community In New York City


Just over a year ago, I made the all-too-famous decision to move to New York City. But, unlike many people who come here to pursue a particular dream (theatre, film, music, tarot card reading), simply moving to this city was my dream. When people asked me what I was going to do when I finished school (a finance degree nonetheless), I told them my plan was to move to Brooklyn, immerse myself in the local music scene and go from there.

Well, with the help of a great friend, I was able to stumble upon an extended family of extremely talented diverse, yet interconnected musicians hailing from Brooklyn. I first came to known them by their music. And after witnessing members of this family perform in small venues across the city, and with Phish on Halloween in Indio and again in Atlantic City, I realized I had found exactly what I was looking for.

Similar to the the highly-sought after Nashville studio players from the 60s and 70s, Brooklyn session musicians are now making their mark as the modern-day equivalent. These are the horns you hear on TV on the Radio’s albums, with Phish on Halloween, with Iron and Wine, with Steely Dan or even the keys you hear with Nicole Atkins’ live band. The list goes on endlessly (Paul Simon, David Byrne, The Roots etc). On almost any given night in this fine city, you can see these individuals earning a true musician’s living by performing their music for us (often for free). Even as I write this, I am preparing to go see one of these bands perform.

So, while I almost never ask for any type of donations or charity (the only exception being the Silent Barn robbery), these musicians have kindly asked for our help. On December 13 and 14, all eight bands connected to this extended family of musicians will participate in the filming of a concert documentary at Southpaw in Park Slope, Brooklyn. These eight bands are Superhuman Happiness, Minerva Lions, Thought, Beyondo, Hi/Lo Fi, Knights on Earth, Michael Leonhart and the Avarmina 7 and Smoota—many of whom you have seen me champion in the past year (hear a song from each of the bands below).

The bands, along with video team Lost Pilot  have collectively launched a Kickstarter donation page where you can help support the film. With only 23 days left, these musicians not only need your help to make this documentary happen, but to help capture this important time in music history. Please take a moment to donate any amount you can. For those who live in the NYC area, come out and be a part of this rare musical experience.

If you’ve listened to the past two Halloween sets, or if you were present for either, you know how special these musicians are.

Please help support this project.

From Lost Pilot:

“We are making a film called “All Together Now” and its intention is to reveal a cross-section of a strong musical community. The film will capture each band’s live set and take you backstage to sit with musicians who tour all over the world and who’s passion lives in the bands they’ve developed back at home in New York City.  Their stories are as diverse as their music. Read more here.

Superhuman Happiness – “GMYL”

Minerva Lion – “Megrims”

Thought – “Nothing New Under The sun”

Beyondo – “Playdate”

Knights on Earth – “If I Stay Too Long”

Hi/Lo Fi – “X”

Michael Leonhart and the Avarmina 7

Smoota – “Aphrodisiac”



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