The War on Drugs’ Page

These days, you won’t find too many bands outside the jam scene uploading their shows to But count Philadelphia’s War on Drugs as one of the few exceptions. While not a traditional “jamband,” The War on Drugs rely hugely on improvisation—not only in the live setting, but in the song creation process as well. As frontman Adam Granduciel told me in a recent interview, the majority of the lyrics on the new album Slave Ambient were written while improvising and many of the songs slip into extended jam territory, especially in the live setting. On stage, it’s amazing to see the band working around pre-programmed samples which, more often than not, unfold into Neu!-inspired space-rock adventures. The Drugs currently have three shows up on their page, but expect more to appear following the current tour. Below, listen to one of the song’s from the Drugs’ recent show at Kings Barcade in Raleigh, NC and download the heady recording, if you so desire.

MP3: “Your Love Is Calling My Name” (4/7/11)

Download link:  The War On Drugs Kings Barcade, Raleigh, NC 11/10/11


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