New Release: Wooden Wand ~ Briarwood

This is a new installment on DGB which will hopefully point you toward some interesting new releases. Today, we recommend heading to your local record store and picking up Briarwood, the latest release from James Jackson Toth’s Wooden Wand project. Over the years, Toth has dabbled in a wide range of experimental genres—most notably his collaborations with fellow SUNY Purchase College classmates the Vanishing Voice (which later went on to become Woods)—but on this new release he rounds out an album of folksy Americana tunes that will have you humming the melodies for days. Briarwood was fan-funded through Kickstarter and recorded in Birmingham, AL in April of 2011 with a new backing band, The Briarwood Virgins. You can preview two of the album’s tracks below, both loaded with fuzzy guitar riffs and down-home vocal harmonies. Briarwood is out now via Fire Records.

MP3: “Big Mouth USA

MP3: “Motel Stationary


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