A Letter From The Editor

Superhuman Happiness (w/ special guest Colin Stetson) at the DGB Event @ The Cakeshop 12.30.11 (photo by Trista Alley)

Dear friends,

After a short posting hiatus, I want to tell you all briefly about the direction of this site going forward along with a bit about its past. In July 2009, this site was born with a single post about Chet Atkins (and a nonsensical statement that would largely set the course for the future). The idea, at that point, was simply to share the music that I loved with other like-minded listeners. But when I decided to write an article about Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio and a group of his child-hood friends, the site took off (with many thanks to Scott Bernstein of Hidden Track and YEMBlog) in it’s first focused direction.

DGB 1.0, if you will, lasted for quite some time until I felt an urge to branch out and share some of the other music I was enjoying. Before long, a full transition was made, leading me to focus on new bands–largely inspired by my relocation to New York City. For over a year now, this site has been dedicated to up-and-coming acts such as Superhuman Happiness, Quilt, Minerva Lions, Real Estate (along with side projects Alex Bleeker and the Freaks and Ducktails), Pure X, Beyondo, Jeffertitti’s Nile and so many more. Many of these acts have broken onto a grander scale and are now known by many. My aim is to introduce you to those bands before that happens, to not only help these musicians get there, but to turn you on to some music that I love, and that you may too.

Going forward, this site will continue the focus to uncover exciting new bands, many which exist within the improvisational, psychedelic realm. However, due to increased duties with real-life tasks, the posts will be less frequent. That said, I will return to longer-form writing, which is something that was largely abandoned in the DGB 2.0 phase. Be sure, you can still count on this site to discover great new music.

In addition, the ‘Dog Gone Presents’ wing of this ever-expanding enterprise will continue to host events in 2012. Our first gathering will be this coming Friday (February 17) with the stellar lineup featuring Yellowbirds and Woodsman at Mercury Lounge on New York’s Lower East Side. See here for details. As with the performers on the bill this Friday, these events will host bands and musicians that have been featured on the pages of this site.

I could continue to ramble, but instead I’ll let you all return to your day.

Your humble editor,
Sam Davis


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