NEW MUSIC: Cranium Pie

Just over a year ago, I came across a series of demos by a band called Cranium Pie. Hailing from Wiltshire, England, the group has been putting out singles on various independent UK labels since 2006, until finally, they released their first full-length LP, Mechanisms Pt. 1 , in the fall of 2011 via Fruits De Mer. After every one of those LPs sold-out, it took me some time to acquire the music. But I’ve finally managed hear it, and I can report to all of you that this is an album you must seek out.

Recalling the likes of Barrett-era Floyd with a dose of Hawkwind, Cranium Pie travels the zoned-out side of the progressive psych rock realm. The band is a five piece, with membership consisting of Robe Appleton (keyboards, vocals), Tim Bray (vocals, theremin, electronics, percussion), Dan Herra (guitars, vocals), Steve Meadows (bass) and Julian Smith (drums). Throughout this concept album, the listener journeys through many zones on a far-reaching sound quest filled with tripped-out narratives, graceful acoustic fingerpicking, prog guitar riffs, extended organ solos and charging space rock.

You can check out album track “Rememberrr” below or head to Cranium Pie’s website where you can now download the album.



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