NEW MUSIC: Prince Rupert’s Drops

Our good friends over at Beyond Beyond is Beyond have started their own independent record label, Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records. The Brooklyn-based label kicks off with the debut 12″, titled Run Slow, from the similarly geographically located psychedelic garage rock outfit Prince Rupert’s Drops this fall. “Pillar to Post,” the album’s first single, is a—to take a line from the label’s founder—cage-free burner with guitar lines that belong on the Dazed and Confused Soundtrack and hauntingly/delightfully distorted vocals from second guitarist/vocalist Leslie Stein. It’s a number for the road.

SHOW NOTICE: Prince Rupert’s Drops will be debuting tracks from their upcoming LP at a very special NYC show on August 16 at Glasslands with Buffalo Killers and the Velcro Lewis Group. Poster/details below.


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