Captain Marryat – “Blindness” (1974)

Captain Marryat - Front

Captain Marryat were a ’70s psych-prog band from Glasgow, Scotland, named after the 19th Century mariner and novelist Captain Frederick Marryat. In 1974, the group released a tiny pressing (200 copies) of their demo album on the Thor Label and sold it exclusively at their gigs around Scotland and its bordering towns. Having initially entered the studio with the intention of cutting only one track, the five-piece band wound up recording five tracks along with an improvised jam, titled “Dance of Thor.” With a sound that drew on the searing leads of Uriah Heep and the fuzzed out journeys of Deep Purple, Captain Marryatt attracted a sizeable following on the pub circuit. But, as the story goes time and time again, bigger labels like EMI and Chrysalis showed little interest, and the group vanished into obscurity some years after the demo’s release. Due to the limited pressing, the album later became an extreme rarity, eventually going for as much as £3,000 on eBay. However, in 2010 Shadoks reissued the original tracks with permission from the band, making this lost psych-prog classic available for all to hear.

Captain Marryat – “A Friend”

Captain Marryat – “Songwriter’s Lament”


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