Video: Shaking Through with Invisible Familiars


Shaking Through is a documentary series about the Birth of a Song. Each year 10 independent musicians are presented with the challenge to record one song in two days (first take to final mix). This year, one of the musicians selected for the project is our dear friend Jared Samuel (Superhuman Happiness, Minerva Lions, Yoko Ono)—also known as Invisible Familiars—who brought along a band of his fellow Brooklyn session folk to record the song “Disturbing Wildlife.”

As Mr. Samuel tells us about Weathervane Music, the good people behind Shaking Through: “It’s a non-profit dedicated to helping the unknown, the known and the about-to-hopefully-be-more-well-known-than-they-sorta-are. They do great work, selflessly. They help develop an artist the way record labels used to, in fabled yesteryears.”

Watch the episode below and head over to Shaking Through‘s website for the full story on the recording process.


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