Megafaun & Arnold Dreyblatt – “Home Hat Placement”

Last year at the Hopscotch Music Festival in North Carolina, Megafaun teamed up with minimalist composer Anrold Dreyblatt (who the group had previously supported on a 2008 tour) for a pair of collaborative sets. Excited by the possibilities that arose during the live performance, Dreyblatt and Megafaun headed over to Pinebox Recording studio and laid down the tracks for what would become a new collaborative LP, titled Appalachian Excitation.

Following last year’s set at Hopscoth Dreyblatt said about Megafaun, “Right away, I realized that there’s a folk element and instrumentation that was available to me suddenly. These guys have such a wide musical background. They’re familiar with the whole avant-garde. They can play folk music, rock music. They’re songwriters. They’re incredibly flexible and just put their heart right into it.”

You can hear the fantastic first song off the album, “Home Hat Placement,” below. Appalachian Excitation comes out September 17 via Northern Spy.


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